Thursday Pioneer Prayer

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“While God condemns a mere round of ceremonies, without the spirit of worship, He looks with great pleasure upon those who love Him, bowing morning and evening to seek pardon for sins committed and to present their requests for needed blessings” (PP 354).  Pray for our church and our own hearts and families, every morning at 6am PDT. Invite friends and family to memorize Scripture, pray, and be blessed! God bless you!

1. Thank God for His faithfulness to us.
2. Thank God for the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy.
3. Pray that we would be crucified with Christ, and He would live in us.
4. Pray for the daily baptism of the Holy Spirit.
5. Pray for the youth in our church and those who have left the church.
6. Pray for the children of our church, and their true education.
7. Pray for media ministries.
8. Pray for literature publication and distribution.
9. Pray for unity in our church.
10. Pray for all self-supporting ministries.
11. Pray that God would take the church and us out of the Laodicean condition.
12. Pray for divine appointments today, that we would speak about Jesus and His soon return.
13. Pray that our characters would represent Jesus.
14. Pray for the “Capitol Revival” Project on September 26.
15. Pray that we would have the fruit of the Spirit in our lives.