Wednesday Pioneer Prayer

Join Zoom Meeting Wednesday 06:00-06:30am PST.

Meeting ID: 834 5125 4773 Password: 852719 One tap mobile 16699006833

“Morning and evening your earnest prayers should ascend to God for His blessing and guidance. True prayer takes hold upon Omnipotence and gives us the victory. Upon his knees the Christian obtains strength to resist temptation” (4T 616).  Pray for our church and our own hearts and families, every morning at 6am PDT. Invite friends and family to memorize Scripture, pray, and be blessed! God bless you!

  1. Pray for SDA pastors and lay leadership.
  2. Pray for leaders of our church at all levels.
  3. Pray for a revival of true godliness among our church members.
  4. Pray for the Mission project, on September 26, to distribute the “Modern Revivals” booklet.
  5. Pray for the Adventist church to rise to its high calling of preaching the three angels’ messages.
  6. Pray that God would write His law in our hearts and seal us.
  7. Pray for the presidential elections on November 3.
  8. Pray for the Annual Council of the General Conference, October 6-14.
  9. Pray for General Conference Session 2021.
  10. Pray for unity in Adventist families.
  11. Pray for the fruit of the Spirit in our lives.
  12. Pray that the church would use Christ’s method alone to reach people.
  13. Pray for the outpouring of the Early and Latter rain in our lives.
  14. Pray for the first responders and those affected by natural disasters.
  15. Pray for divine appointments, that we would be faithful witnesses today.