2019 Testimonies Reading Plan

Ten Book Pages a Day for Sixteen Months

Testimonies 5 pp 609-618 Day 324

By admin | Nov 20, 2019

Our meetings should be made intensely interesting. They should be pervaded with the very atmosphere of heaven. Let there be no long, dry speeches and formal prayers merely for the sake of occupying the time. All should be ready to act their part with promptness, and when their duty is done, the meeting should be…

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Testimonies 5 pp 599-608 Day 323

By admin | Nov 19, 2019

He at once laid a snare whereby Israel should be enchanted with the beautiful Moabitish women, who would lead them to transgress God’s law. Thus iniquity would be found in them, and God’s blessing would not rest upon them. Their forces would be greatly weakened, and their enemies would no longer fear their power, because…

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Testimonies 5 pp 589-598 Day 322

By admin | Nov 18, 2019

You would have a much better influence if you would talk less and pray more; God is your source of strength. Your long speeches on education in the sciences are painful to the angels of God, who are constantly and intensely active in seeking to call the thoughts and affections to heavenly things. Souls are…

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Testimonies 5 pp 579-588 Day 321

By admin | Nov 17, 2019

The light shining from the cross of Calvary will reveal to you God’s estimate of the soul, and, appreciating that estimate, you will seek to reflect the light to the world. A great name among men is as letters traced in sand, but a spotless character will endure to all eternity. God gives you intelligence…

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Testimonies 5 pp 569-578 Day 320

By admin | Nov 16, 2019

The truth as it is in Jesus does much for the receiver, and not only for him, but for all who are brought within the sphere of his influence. The truly converted soul is illuminated from on high, and Christ is in that soul “a well of water springing up into everlasting life.” His words,…

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Testimonies 5 pp 559-568 Day 319

By admin | Nov 15, 2019

The most precious work that my brethren can engage in is that of cultivating a Christlike character. It was shown me that those who preside over our institutions should ever bear in mind that there is a chief director, who is the God of heaven. There should be strict honesty in all business transactions in…

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Testimonies 5 pp 549-558 Day 318

By admin | Nov 14, 2019

Our piety and religious duties will become narrowed down to our own interests unless we are daily partakers of the spirit of Christ. Interest for the souls of others is calculated to give breadth and depth and stability to Christian character. The Lord is coming. We are nearing home, and we want to take large…

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Testimonies 5 pp 539-548 Day 317

By admin | Nov 13, 2019

He is given an inferior place, while self swells into importance and fills the whole temple of the soul. This is the reason why the Lord can do so little for us. Should He work with our efforts, the instrument would appropriate all the glory to his own smartness, his wisdom, his ability, and he…

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Testimonies 5 pp 529-538 Day 316

By admin | Nov 12, 2019

Vice and crime, and iniquity of all kinds, are steadily on the increase. The penetrating power of Bible truth must show the contrast between truth and error. A higher grade of preparation is required in order to do good service for the Master. But if the minister leans upon the knowledge he acquires, and does…

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Testimonies 5 pp 519-528 Day 315

By admin | Nov 11, 2019

They have become infatuated and charmed with just such food for the mind as the intensely exciting stories contained in Uncle Tom’s Cabin. That book did good in its day to those who needed an awakening in regard to their false ideas of slavery; but we are standing upon the very borders of the eternal…

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