2019 Testimonies Reading Plan

Ten Book Pages a Day for Sixteen Months

Testimonies 5 pp 539-548 Day 317

By admin | Nov 13, 2019

He is given an inferior place, while self swells into importance and fills the whole temple of the soul. This is the reason why the Lord can do so little for us. Should He work with our efforts, the instrument would appropriate all the glory to his own smartness, his wisdom, his ability, and he…

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Testimonies 5 pp 529-538 Day 316

By admin | Nov 12, 2019

Vice and crime, and iniquity of all kinds, are steadily on the increase. The penetrating power of Bible truth must show the contrast between truth and error. A higher grade of preparation is required in order to do good service for the Master. But if the minister leans upon the knowledge he acquires, and does…

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Testimonies 5 pp 519-528 Day 315

By admin | Nov 11, 2019

They have become infatuated and charmed with just such food for the mind as the intensely exciting stories contained in Uncle Tom’s Cabin. That book did good in its day to those who needed an awakening in regard to their false ideas of slavery; but we are standing upon the very borders of the eternal…

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Testimonies 5 pp 509-518 Day 314

By admin | Nov 10, 2019

I counsel you to humble your heart and confess your wrongs. Consider the solemn charge David gave to Solomon on his dying bed: “I go the way of all the earth: be thou strong therefore, and show thyself a man; and keep the charge of the Lord thy God, to walk in His ways, to…

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Testimonies 5 pp 499-508 Day 313

By admin | Nov 9, 2019

Some will enter the place of worship with their hats on, in soiled, dirty clothes. Such do not realize that they are to meet with God and holy angels. There should be a radical change in this matter all through our churches. Ministers themselves need to elevate their ideas, to have finer susceptibilities in regard…

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Testimonies 5 pp 489-498 Day 312

By admin | Nov 8, 2019

When death claims one of our number, what are our memories of the treatment he has received? Are the pictures upon memory’s walls pleasant to reflect upon? Are they memories of kind words spoken, of sympathy given at the right time? Have his brethren turned away the evil surmisings of indiscreet meddlers? Have they vindicated…

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Testimonies 5 pp 479-488 Day 311

By admin | Nov 7, 2019

Those who seek to lessen the interest of any in the school at Healdsburg, or in the missionary work in any of its branches, are not working together with God, but are working under another captain, whose aim is to weaken and destroy. Your usefulness, brethren and sisters of the Healdsburg church, requires that you…

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Testimonies 5 pp 469-478 Day 310

By admin | Nov 6, 2019

Then the Angel, who is Christ Himself, the Saviour of sinners, puts to silence the accuser of His people, declaring: “The Lord rebuke thee, O Satan; even the Lord that hath chosen Jerusalem rebuke thee: is not this a brand plucked out of the fire?” Israel had long remained in the furnace of affliction. Because…

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Testimonies 5 pp 459-468 Day 309

By admin | Nov 5, 2019

Is it any marvel that the church is weak and inefficient, that God can do but little for His professed people? They place themselves where it is impossible for Him to work with them and for them. Dare you continue thus to disregard His claims? Will you still trifle with heaven’s most sacred trusts? Will…

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Testimonies 5 pp 449-458 Day 308

By admin | Nov 4, 2019

He should not listen to the suggestion that it is dangerous to speak of their eternal interests to those whose lives are in peril, lest it should make them worse; for in nine cases out of ten the knowledge of a sin-pardoning Saviour would make them better both in mind and body. Jesus can limit…

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