Pioneer Prayer – Week 2 May 2019

Please pray over these requests taken from Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 2 pp. 599-608 in person, on the phone, by text, or WhatsApp. Pioneer Prayer’s launch for one year of prayer (June 25, 2019) before General Conference 2020 is approaching. Invite others to register for one year of prayer before General Conference 2020 at God bless you today.

  1. Father in Heaven, accept our thanks for Your abundant blessings.
  2. Increase our gratefulness for all that You do for us.
  3. Teach us how to bring our sacrificial offerings when we come before You to worship.
  4. Help business cares not prevent us from attending yearly and special convocations.
  5. Thank You for Your love in delivering us from the slavery of sin, the bondage of error.
  6. May we put forth necessary effort to obtain spiritual strength.
  7. May the most important work of our lives be the preparation for eternity.
  8. May we find Jesus at sacred convocation meetings.
  9. Give us peace, hope, and a strong, clear sense of eternal things.
  10. May our hearts be willing to yield all to Christ.
  11. Help us respect every privilege that You offer us to obtain clearer views of Your truth and Your requirements.
  12. Help us obtain the necessary preparation for Your coming.
  13. May we have a calm, cheerful, obedient trust in You, which is all that You require!
  14. Bless the government of the country in which we reside.
  15. Please bless our local mission’s leadership, projects, and needs.
  16. Please bless our leaders as they prepare for Annual Council.
  17. Please bless all the preparations for General Conference Session, 2020.

Pioneer Prayer Requests taken from:

Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 2 pp. 599-608

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