Pioneer Prayer – Week 5 May 2019

Please pray for these requests taken from Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 3, 99-108 together in person, on the phone, by text, or WhatsApp.

  1. Pray that we would follow the example of the shepherd in searching for the lost sheep.
  2. Pray that we would search the Bible diligently and find reproofs, threatenings, and encouragements, that the erring ones may be reached.
  3. Pray that we would not have indifference or neglect in finding lost souls.
  4. Pray that God’s people receive lost souls gladly when they repent.
  5. Pray that we can keep the mind calm and unchangeable amid the multitudinous errors which prevail.
  6. Pray that those in responsible positions will look carefully at the evidence on every side.
  7. Pray that those in responsible positions are not swayed by the influence of others, or by the surroundings, to form conclusions without intelligent, thorough knowledge of all the circumstances.
  8. Pray that we surrender all to the will of God.
  9. Pray that we are clothed with humility, possessing that love that is pure, peaceable, and easy to be entreated, full of gentleness and good fruits.
  10. Pray for the governments of the countries in which we live.
  11. Pray for our local mission’s leadership, projects, and needs.
  12. Pray for our Church leaders as they prepare for Annual Council.
  13. Pray for our Church leaders as they prepare for General Conference Session in 2020.

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