Pioneer Prayer Topics – Week 8

  1. Bless and guide the GC Revival and Reformation Committee (03-18-19).
  2. Bless and guide the GC Annual Council (10-10-19).
  3. Bless and guide the General Conference Session (06-25-20).
  4. Bless and motivate the Pioneer Prayer Groups.
  5. Take charge of the Churches, Conferences, Unions, Divisions, and GC.
  6. Plant a hunger and thirst for Bible based unity throughout the world church.
  7. Give repentance for letting preference rule over principle in our lifestyles.
  8. Give us hearts to appreciate and apply Your health reforms in our own lives.
  9. Teach us how to help others regain health through temperate living.
  10. Strengthen us to teach the value of the health reform for spirit, soul, and body.
  11. Inspire cooperation to start health centers where godly healing is practiced.
  12. Guard our leaders from overwork. Motivate our people to pray for their wisdom.
  13. Place in our people wise willingness in the support of different missionary work.
  14. Let our health education and practice be cleansed of worldly ways..
  15. Heal us from covetousness.  Let us view money and ministry through Your eyes.
  16. Let Jesus inform our choices in entertainment, conversation, recreation, music.
  17. Enable the adults to teach and model godly principles of time use for the young.
  18. Energize the youth with a vision of Jesus, of reverent holiness, of full surrender.
  19. Give us love for the good and revulsion for the evil in music and all else.
  20. Let the 5th Commandment be restored in our homes and churches.

I Need the Prayers of Those I Love 505

1  I need the prayers of those I love,
While trav’ling o’er life’s rugged way,
That I may true and faithful be,
And live for Jesus every day.

I want my friends to pray for me,
To bear my tempted soul above,
And intercede with God for me;
I need the prayers of those I love.

2  I need the prayers of those I love,
To help me in each trying hour,
To bear my tempted sould to Him,
That He may keep me by His pow’r.

3  I want my friends to pray for me,
To hold me up on wings of faith,
That I may walk the narrow way,
Kept by our Father’s glorious grace.

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