Pioneer Prayer Topics – Week 11

  1. Bless and guide the GC Revival and Reformation Committee (03-18-19).
  2. Guide the GC Annual Council (10-10-19) and GC Session (06-25-20).
  3. Strengthen the Pioneer Prayer Groups. Stir up more godly members.
  4. Take charge of the Churches, Conferences, Unions, Divisions, and GC.
  5. Plant a longing for Bible based unity throughout the world church.
  6. Energize Your people to do their part in preparing for the Latter Rain.
  7. Increase in us the living faith that works by love and purifies our souls.
  8. Help us to read, internalize, and spread the Spirit of Prophecy Books.
  9. Lay it on every member to spread books and tracts like autumn leaves.
  10. Set us free from feelings as a motivator. Let principle reign in us!
  11. Set us free of selfishness. Give us the self-sacrificing love of Christ!
  12. Teach us that obedient “doing” really is the evidence of our believing.
  13. Let Your hunger for souls be our hunger. Make heaven real to us.
  14. Let us accept the voice of duty as the voice of God to our souls.
  15. Energize our souls to be “social to save”. 
  16. Give us the gift of wise and selfless hospitality.
  17. Heal us of self-will and of reticence to speak boldly for Jesus.
  18. Show us the urgency of temperance in everything.
  19. Teach our parents to model both mercy and truth before the children.
  20. Teach our men to be true “House-Bands,” leading godly homes.


Must Jesus bear the cross alone,

And all the world go free?

No, there’s a cross for every one,

And there’s a cross for me.


The consecrated cross I’ll bear,

Till He shall set me free;

And then go home my crown to wear,

For there’s a crown for me.


Upon the crystal pavement, down

At Jesus’ pierced feet,

With joy I’ll cast my golden crown,

And His dear name repeat.

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