Wednesday Pioneer Prayer

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Wednesday 06:00-06:30am PST.

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“Strength and grace can be found in prayer” (RH, September 26, 1899). Join prayer for our church and our own hearts and families, every morning at 6am PST. Invite friends and family to unite in prayer and be blessed!

  1. Pray for more faith and truth in God, especially during this time of crisis. 
  2. Pray for more faithfulness in your life, and for a heart that is always reflecting the kindness of Jesus.
  3. Pray that we would speak the grateful praise of Christ as the children who came to Him.
  4. Pray for divine wisdom to be made known to you as you spend time with God.
  5. Pray for faith in God’s promise to always supply the power to do His will.
  6. Pray for an experience of the abundant life that Jesus promised us. 
  7. Pray for children of Adventist families who have lost their way or are in a state of confusion and rebellion.
  8. Pray for our immediate and extended family. Pray for their salvation and for opportunities to share with them our faith, God’s word, and the love of Christ.
  9. Pray for our neighbors, and our neighborhoods. Pray for divine appointments to connect with, help, and establish friendships with our neighbors in order to shine the light of Jesus into their lives.
  10. Pray for your unbelieving friends. Pray for wisdom to share the gospel with them at the right time.
  11. Pray for your co-workers. Pray that your life, words, and actions will be a testimony to the presence of Jesus in your heart. Ask God to show you which co-workers might be open to learning more about God.
  12. Pray for love.
  13. Pray for joy.
  14. Pray for peace.
  15. Pray for longsuffering.

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