Tuesday Pioneer Prayer

Join Zoom Meeting Tuesday 06:00-06:30am PST. 

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Meeting ID: 834 5125 4773
Password: 852719
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“Finite beings, of dust and ashes, admitted through the mediation of Christ, into the audience chamber of the Most High. In such exercises the soul is brought into a sacred nearness with God, and is renewed in knowledge, and true holiness, and fortified against the assaults of the enemy” (AM 24). Join prayer for our church and our own hearts and families, every morning at 6am PST. Invite friends and family to memorize Scripture, pray, and be blessed! God bless you!

  1. Thank God for His resurrection power.
  2. Pray for resurrection power in our lives today. 
  3. Pray for the life of Jesus to give us life.
  4. Thank God for the gift of eternal life in His Son.
  5. Thank Jesus for His love and sympathy for us.
  6. Thank God that what is impossible for man He can do for and through us.
  7. Pray for power to walk in Jesus’ steps.
  8. Pray for the forgiveness of our sins.
  9. Pray for the Capitol Revival Project and printing of “Modern Revivals.”
  10. Pray to secure proper printing equipment for Revival Plan.
  11. Ask for true revival in this time of counterfeits.
  12. Pray that we see the glory of God today.
  13. Thank God that He never forgets our softest prayers.