Sunday Pioneer Prayer

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Join Zoom Meeting Sunday 06:00-06:30am PST.

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Meeting ID: 834 5125 4773
Password: 852719
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“If we will find heart and voice to pray, He will be sure to find an ear to hear and an arm to save” (TDG 194). Blessed promise! Join in prayer for revival and reformation personally and corporately. We pray for our church officers, the selection process for a new NAD executive secretary, the world church, and our own hearts and families, every morning at 6am PST. God will answer if we pray.

  1. Pray that our youth would not hear, or see, debasing crime and vileness and have their consciences blunted. 
  2. Pray that God would guide the NAD committee to select a new NAD executive secretary.
  3. Pray that media portraying crime and evil would not poison our minds. 
  4. Pray that we would hold fast to divine strength so that we will be safe against every temptation. 
  5. Pray that we fight the good fight of faith, and lay hold on eternal life. 
  6. Pray that we will be united to Christ’s wisdom and strength. 
  7. Pray that our youth would love God and keep their souls in close connection with heaven. 
  8. Pray that appetite and passion would not overcome us. 
  9. Pray that Jesus would give us power and strength to live as He did. 
  10. Pray that our Church would be watchful and prayerful. 
  11. Pray that as earth’s history is soon to close, we lay aside lightness, trifling, and vanity. 
  12. Pray for a reformation among the people of God. 
  13. Pray that we come up to the Bible standard of Christ’s followers. 
  14. Pray for God’s Spirit to bless all churches, conferences, unions, divisions, and General Conference officers. 
  15. Pray for the Holy Spirit to bless the planning of Annual Council 2020.

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