Sabbath Pioneer Prayer

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Saturday 06:00-06:30am PST.

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“All heaven is open before the man of prayer . . . The ambassadors of Christ will have power with the people after they have, with earnest supplication, come before God” (The Review and Herald, October 20, 1896). Join prayer for our church and our own hearts and families, every morning at 6am PST. Invite friends and family to unite in prayer and be blessed!

  1. Pray that our churches’ members will serve in unity, joined together in same mind and in the same judgment. 
  2. Pray that we carefully follow Christ’s pattern while teaching the present truth. 
  3. Pray that we avoid bitterness and dissension which bring division in the church. 
  4. Pray for Annual Council and preparations for General Conference Session 2021. 
  5. Pray that our characters will be sanctified to present truth in beauty and simplicity. 
  6. Pray that we become continual light to others as living epistles. 
  7. Pray that God will sanctify us through His truth. 
  8. Pray for church leaders and their families. 
  9. Pray that Jesus will come quickly and save us, that we may rejoice (Isaiah 25:9). 
  10. Pray that we would keep the truth and enter into the Holy City, New Jerusalem (Isaiah 26:1-2). 
  11. Pray for revival and reformation throughout churches, conferences, unions, divisions, and General Conference departments. 
  12. Pray that through God’s grace, we may keep His holy law (Matthew 5:17-18). 
  13. Pray for protection from evil men and deceivers who would lead the flock astray (2 Timothy 3:13). 
  14. Pray for strength, healing, and blessing, to mount up with wings as eagles when we are weary and faint (Isaiah 40:31). 
  15. Pray that God would comfort our sorrows and bless us with His love (Zephaniah 3:17-18). 
  16. Pray that we would be in the new earth with joy and singing, 
    and joy and peace in Christ now (Is. 55:12-13). 
  17. Pray for world government leaders.
  18. Pray for our children.