Pioneer Prayer Pack 16

Download this week’s Pioneer Prayer Pack

Download this week’s prayer pack and start a Pioneer Prayer Group in your church. Join members everywhere praying for General Conference 2020. Prayer requests are taken from the daily Testimonies reading from Revival Plan. You may register to read the Testimonies at

Start a Pioneer Prayer Group with these materials in your church and experience revival and reformation!

Join us in prayer through the week for the below requests!

1. Pray that we experience the power of truth and faith in our own hearts and lives.
2. Pray that we have the Spirit of Christ so we may work as He worked.
3. Pray that we understand the teachings of Jesus and present them to the people.
4. Pray that we love Christ and love people as He did.
5. Pray that we practice the Heavenly principles that we offer to others.
6. Pray that we become good examples in all the places we go and in all
areas of our lives.
7. Pray to understand and have Jesus’ character.
8. Pray for protection of God’s people in times of trouble. Isaiah 26:20
9. Thank God that we can stand when He comes with His gift of righteousness. Isaiah 13:6-7 
10. Pray that God will purify our faith so it will be precious in His sight. Isaiah 13:12-13
11. Thank God that He will judge the opposers of His people. Isaiah 17:12-14
12. Pray that God’s children desire God’s Word with passion and turn their hearts to it.
13. Pray that God’s church prepares and revives now for the crisis ahead.
14. Pray for Annual Council happening this week in preparation for General Conference Session 2020.
15. Pray for General Conference Session on June 25, 2020.
16. Pray for church leaders and their families.
17. Pray for revival and reformation throughout churches, conferences, unions, divisions, and General Conference departments.
18. Pray for Adventist leaders from every country.

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