Day 7 – NAD Presidential Process Prayer

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Requests are from General Conference 100 Days of Prayer and Desire of Ages. Lift up the members of the North American Division Nominating and Executive Committees, the General Conference Executive Committees, and their families. Pray that God’s will be done in the selection of the new North American Division President.

  1. Pray for an experience of the abundant life that Jesus promised us. 
  2. Pray for all Adventists and non-Adventists who are infected by COVID-19.
  3. Pray that God would comfort those who have lost loved ones.
  4. Pray that God will write His principles and laws in our hearts, that we may demonstrate His character to men.
  5. Pray for power to witness for Jesus that we may turn many hearts to Him.
  6. Pray for true revival to prepare the church and world for Jesus’ coming.
  7. Pray for General Conference Revival and Reformation Committee members and their responsibilities.
  8. Pray that our church will daily cooperate with Jesus, as He did with the Father.
  9. Pray that God blesses the NAD and GC officers with His Spirit, while they prepare for the presidential election.
  10. Pray that God will bless the delegates of the North American Division executive and nominating committees with the Spirit of wisdom and understanding.
  11. Pray that God will lead in the NAD and every division to do His will.
  12. Pray for revival and reformation in North America and every division.
  13. Pray that God baptizes Elder Wilson and the members of the General Conference Executive Committee daily with the Holy Spirit.